“Is it 2024 already?”

This question is undoubtedly that of an adult advancing in age, and not the question of our newest generation of children!

 It’s probably best that our children don’t feel the same speed of years going by as adults do! 

What it does remind us though is that adults as well as children should really make the most of each day that we’re all alive…

On January 1st yet another devastating earthquake struck this country. It pains me to think that nobody who woke up in the disaster zone on that fateful New Year’s Day, ready to enjoy Osechi, Hatsumode, and other New Year celebrations with loved ones, had any idea that their plans for the new year would later in the day turn very, very different…

My heart reaches out to the victims and their families.

Feeling blessed and grateful for the days, my family and I made many opportunities this vacation to venture outside and enjoy our neighborhood. I was so happy to bump unexpectedly into some fine neighbors whose children attend classes at Oshiro Kids. Such wonderful, smiling faces provided extra gas to my already high motivation for our classes to get going again!  

We restart classes tomorrow!

I hope everybody, parents and children, as well as all extended families, had a safe and happy winter break.

I am looking forward to seeing  you very soon!