もったいないな、と思い考えました。毎月末に、3つのリストが入った簡単なレポートを保護者に送りたいと思います: 「生徒が今月練習した英語」「生徒が今月使った英語」「生徒が今月伸ばしたスキル」です。

「Class Reports」

In class, our students are speaking a lot of English. Of course though, our students don’t often tell their parents what English they use. So parents don’t know.

 All that is going to change. At the end of each month, I will be sending parents a simple report containing 3 lists: "English that our students practiced this month", "English that our students used this month", and "Skills that our students developed this month".

 During my post-lesson reflections, I am already compiling the content of these reports. 

 The reports will be split by textbook colors: a pink report, a yellow report, a red report, a green report, a magenta report, and a junior high report.

 This will inform parents of exactly how their children are developing their English "communication ability. 

 Please look forward to Report #1 at the end of July!