Oshiro Kids English relocating!

As you may already know, we will be moving to a new location in late August. 

 The new location is directly in front of the Oshiro Kids Gymnastics Class, making transition between the two simpler! And since it is on the first floor, access will be easier too! The location is indeed ideal!

Still, I am very sad to see the current classroom go.... I have exceptionally fond memories of decorating the empty classroom with textbooks, teaching materials, and equipment, excited and nervous about what kind of children we would see when we opened.

Ever since the school opened, I have looked forward to coming here every day to meet the students, and I have worked hard to help them get used to me and develop their English communication skills. I have seen amazing growth in the children who were completely new to English and now, a year later, they are able to communicate naturally in English when they enter the classroom. When I think of leaving the classroom that was able to produce such wonderful growth, I cannot help but feel a touch of sadness when I look back on the many memories I have, even though it is only a change of location.

That said, the move to a new classroom this summer is, of course, very exciting! We look forward to seeing the children grow even more in their new classrooms and meeting new people.