昨日、近所の公園を通りかかったら、ジュニア野球チームが練習をしていました。 コーチがある少年に指をさして、"なんでこんなこともできないんだ! "と叫んでいるのを見てショックでした。コーチはその少年が上手くできないことが腹立たしかったのでしょう。





[Words of blame] and [Words of praise]

Yesterday I was walking past a park in my neighborhood where a junior baseball team was training.  Just as I passed the thick of the action, I was startled to see the coach pointing his finger at a young boy in front of him, and scream “WHY can’t you DO this?!” He was obviously very upset with the boy’s approach to a specific technique. 

 The boy’s face was blocked by the adult, so I was unable to see his facial expression, but I suspect it wasn’t happy. 

 Perhaps the competitive nature of sport allows for this style of education by coaches, but I can’t even imagine any teacher at Oshiro Kids ever feeling the need to use this kind of language.

In the classroom, kids’ inappropriate or unfair behavior of course requires an education-based reaction from the teacher. However, a child’s lack of ability with a specific technique certainly needs the teacher to react with nothing but care and encouragement!