People look at textbooks in different ways. Parents inevitably look at it as something that increases their children’s ability to speak English. Students look at it as something to study. Teachers inevitably look at it as something to teach. My own perspective as a teacher AND a teacher trainer is that the textbook is a tool for teachers to bring their educational policy into the classroom. In our classroom I use textbook content to give our children experiences of communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, character building and citizenship.
Our very youngest children, 3 year old 年少students, especially as beginners, understandably need time to settle into the classroom environment, bond with their teacher and their classmates, understand their responsibility to watch, listen, and begin using English. Until this process is complete, using textbook material in their lessons is fairly meaningless. This is why we have decided that these students will need 2 full years of their Pink textbook before progressing to the Yellow book at 年長. Two years on Pink is a good amount of time to make full use of the textbook material and build students' confidence.
The notion that our youngest children are "not good enough" for the Yellow textbook is not the point. More accurate is the notion that these children are "not fully ready" for the Yellow textbook. Parents and children need not be concerned. With a second year of the Pink textbook, our youngest students can review content (most of which will appear new to them!), and thoroughly prepare for exciting years of growth and development ahead.