Reflections on our first year of English classes

Our Spring Camp to close out the 2023 school year was a great success! Thank you to all the parents who sent their their children.

My thoughts looking back on the last school year are that the first year of Oshiro Kids English Class was a wonderful year with lovely children, good results, and very kind and supportive parents. Communicating with parents in Japanese so regularly on school matters was a new experience for me and I will need to improve my skills here because my current ability regrettably let me down last year on occasions.

This year we will continue to build on the success of last year, developing and improving the 6C's that Oshiro Kids English Class values: creativity, cooperation, critical thinking, citizenship, character building, and of course, English communication skills! We will encourage teamwork in each class, and we will also take on new challenges.

We would like to thank once again all parents and each child for contributing to the success of our first year. See you next week!