"I'm finished."

"I'm finished!"







子どもたちが最後に英語で "I'm finished! "と言ってやり遂げたことが成功の鍵だと僕は思います。

In the classroom, students are exposed to a variety of activities, including drawing like the one in this picture.

After the lesson, the parents look at and enjoy the finished picture, but I believe that the process of creating the picture is more important than the finished form.

The value of this activity lies in this student’s showed creativity in the process of her drawing, the process of choosing her own colors, and her significant use of English.

The purpose of coming to Oshiro Kids English Class is not necessarily to draw pictures, play games, or enjoy other activities.

Above all, the primary purpose is for students to use their own English.

It is unfortunate that this basic principle of "using your English" is not common in most English classes in this country.

In my opinion, the key to this child’s success with her English is the fact that after her picture was complete she used the English, "I'm finished!"