「Our children are growing!」

There have been several visitors to our classroom these last few weeks. These have included parents who are interested in enrolling their children into the school, or teachers from other schools who are interested in observing lessons for their own study.
The vast majority of these visitors have expressed great surprise at the amount of English that our students are using in class, given that our school is still less than a year old.

I am super proud of all of our students!

I feel that our progress might want a little additional support from parents…

I wonder if I could ask parents before they drop off their children for their lesson to encourage their children to “use lots English today!”
AND, after each lesson, to ask their children “What English did you use today?” From experience this simple strategy often helps increase children’s awareness and understanding of WHY they come to their lessons each week, and this can then propel their improvement forward!

Thank you, moms and dads for your continued support of our efforts!