毎週、レッスンが終わったら、「今日何したの?」 ではなく、「今日どんな英語使ったの? 」と問いかけてください。


「Do our students understand why they come to their English lessons?」

Oshiro Kids English School has been open for 7 months. Overall, our students are making great progress - but some students are advancing much more solidly than others.

I recently asked three of our elementary school students:

 "Do you know why you come to our English class each week?”

They replied: "To learn English".

In a way that's true, but "learning" English is not exactly the priority. The priority for coming to Oshiro Kids English lessons is "To use English". 

 Those students who recognize this make progress very quickly. They leave their Japanese usage out of the classroom, and they make an effort to remember situational English.

  Every week, after your child’s lesson, please ask your children not "What did you do today?”, but “What English did you use today?”

This question will not only encourage our students' growth but will also remind them why they come to Oshiro Kids English classroom.