“Once a week English lessons are meaningless”???

There is a belief in education circles in Japan that says kids studying English only once a week cannot become able to use the language.

This belief feels that the issue is merely the amount of time kids study. It implies that once a week is not enough. I argue that the amount of time is NOT the issue. The most important factor in having our kids begin to use English is HOW they experience the language in the classroom.

 At Oshiro Kids, our students are put in situations where they need to use English immediately, from Lesson 1.

 Students revisit these situations again and again every week, and new situations are provided every week. In this way, our students’ usable English increases steadily. 

This has been at the heart of my work for 29 years. Most of my students have come to my classes once a week. There is significant video evidence that proves that even these students become able to use English over time.

 Our students’ feeling of success comes with the experience of actually using English. With this comes the feeling of “I can do it!” and “I want to improve!” We need our students to feel like this as soon as possible!

Educational commentators shouldn’t blame the amount of time for Japans’ students’ inability to use English. 

Japan has had plenty of time to produce English communicators!

Educational commentators should instead review HOW students experience the language in the classroom.