I have organized and participated in at least 29 Halloween parties in my teaching career. 

Kids tend to like them, although some kids are occasionally overcome by the fear aspect of the event. 

And when it comes to Halloween there are two sets of parents; those who really enjoy the dressing up of their children, and those who feel it all, for a variety of reasons, a little troublesome. 

 This year’s Halloween party was the very first time I was able to cater to the latter set of parents. For the first time in my teaching career I was able to organize a party where parents were not required to prepare a costume for their children. Actual costumes were replaced by AI-generated costumes. 

 The party itself maintained all the traditions of a typical party with fun games, music and candy. The children didn’t seem to miss wearing real costumes, indeed they enjoyed the novelty of AI costumes. 

Whether we take the same approach next year remains to be seen, but I’m very happy that our children were able to enjoy their first Halloween party at Oshiro Kids.